Would you guys ever consider selling rubber rings on your site? You mentioned in your buying guide that it’d help with the pressure of the gem on your butt, and I’m kinda having that issue now wearing it long-term. I considered maybe just buying an O ring that just about fits around it, but that doesn’t seem like it’d work. Any ideas?

Hi!!  Well, we recently added silicone versions of the princess plugs.  The gem sizes are the same, but instead of the gem sitting in a metal ring, it sits in a much softer silicone ring.  The entire plug is silicone, and there is some metal inside the bulb part to give it a little weight.  The shaft is also flexible, so that combined with the softer ring the gem is seated in gives an overall more comfortable experience.  Most people have said that this allows them to wear the princess plug for longer periods of time too.  We have them in a hot pink silicone or a pretty purple color in all the same gem colors as the full metal princess plugs.  The link to the silicone princess plugs is HERE

Thank you!!

~ C&T (_☀_)